Business Planning for a Clean Energy Fund

Business Planning for a Clean Energy Fund

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Client Description

An Israeli entrepreneur group who has established an investment fund for a wind energy project and other clean energy future projects.


The Vision of the group is to achieve a significant enlargement of clean energy production capacity, and wind energy in particular. The wind energy project plan included the establishment of an enterprise for producing energy, by means of over 150 wind turbines. After which, the fund will invest in other enterprises in the field of clean energy in Israel and abroad.


  • First time for a clean energy project of this scope and form in Israel.
  • The purchase of the entire output of wind generated electric energy by the power utility is mandatory.

How Tefen Helped

  • Formulated a Business Plan for the clean energy fund, which included reference to:
    • The Global trends in clean energy in general and wind energy in particular.
    • An analysis of the fund’s predicted investments.
    • Formulization of the fund operating principles and structure.
      Guidelines of the fund’s portfolio.
    • 5 years P&L pro forma.
    • Analysis of the inspected return to the investors (IRR).
    • Risks analysis and risks management.

  • Formed an investors Marketing presentation for raising investments for the fund:
    • Overview of clean energy market and wind energy market in particular.
    • Detailed description of the company & prospects.
    • Description of the clean energy fund.


Based on the marketing presentation, the Fund accomplished an astoundign raise of $550Mln.


Travaillons ensemble !

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